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COMMERCIAL VEHICLE/EQUIPMENT LEASE AGREEMENT Please print and fax to 281-842-9345 Stutes Enterprise Systems Inc. Lessor located at 1426 Sens Rd 5 LaPorte Texas 77571 leases to Lessee located at equipment listed in any attached schedule and/or in Stutes Enterprise Systems Inc. equipment rental forms generated from time to time Vehicle or Vehicles. This Lease is made on the following terms and conditions 1. This Agreement becomes effective with respect to each Vehicle on the date that the...
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on any rental time basis. See attached schedule for a description of the terms of the agreement. Please be advised that any person using the website located in California must agree to comply with California Civil Code Section 1789 and related laws of the State of California if they wish to register, sell, or lease, or purchase vehicle's or equipment from Stutes Enterprise Systems, Inc. These terms of service is subject to change without notice. Terms of Service Effective Date: 8/24/2015 This Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into on behalf of Stutes Enterprise Systems, Inc. ("STENS"), a California limited liability company ("Company"), by and through Agent, Stutes Enterprise Systems, Limited, registered address at , Suite C, 20-10, Rochdale St, Liverpool, Liverpool L2 3AX ("Agent") (hereafter referred to in this Agreement as "Company" "you", "your") having all the rights and authority conferred upon a California limited liability company. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. BY CLICKING THE "I AGREE" BUTTON OR BY CONTINUING TO DOWNLOAD AND/OR USE THE SOFTWARE, OR BY ACCESSING OR USING THIS SITE, YOU ARE COMPLAINING TO COMPANY ABOUT THIS AGREEMENT, AND YOU ARE GIVING COMPANY PERMISSION TO USE THIS SITE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS OR USE THIS SITE. Please keep in mind that you are purchasing equipment for your own use and/or that of someone else. The terms "you" and "company" are used interchangeably throughout this Agreement and throughout the Site. Company's use of the term "you," when used in this Agreement, does not imply that Company approves or endorses you. Company is not responsible for any content or information found on any third party websites that may links to this Site. Any and all warranties, representations or other terms, conditions or warranties (whether express or implied by statute or common law) expressly stated in this Agreement, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, reasonable fees and all other representations or warranties not excluded herein, do not apply to the extent allowed by applicable law, such as the US Constitution, or the applicable statutes of limitations. IN ALL CASES, COMPANY DIS

Who needs this Lease Agreement?

This Agreement is made between the States Enterprise Systems company and a Lessee. States Enterprise Systems leases the listed vehicles and/or equipment to the Lessee on the terms and conditions listed in the Agreement.

What is the Lease Agreement for?

This is a legal document which determines the vehicles and equipment ready for leasing and names the Lessor and the Lessee (Parties of the Agreement). The Agreement also contains information about the rental payment, conditions of operating the vehicle and equipment, rights and obligations of the Parties.

Which documents support the Lease Agreement?

The list of vehicles and/or equipment for leasing and the schedule of the rental payment should support this agreement.

Does the Lease Agreement have a validity period?

The Agreement will continue for the term specified in the attached schedule unless terminated earlier than provided in terms of the Agreement. As a rule, the Lessor sends the Lease Agreement to the Lessee for reading and consideration. If the Lessee agrees to the terms and conditions, the Lessee signs the Agreement. The Agreement is then signed by the Lessor and the specified vehicles and equipment are forwarded to the Lessee.

What information should be provided in the Lease Agreement?

The Agreements contain the following information:

  • Name of the Lessor - Stutes Enterprise Systems, Inc. and its address
  • Name and address of the Lessee
  • Basic terms and conditions of the Agreement
  • Obligations and rights of the Parties

The Lessor and the Lessee must sign the Lease Agreement and indicate the date of signing.

What do I do with the Lease Agreement after its signing?

The original copies of the signed and dated Lease Agreement are forwarded to the Parties or their attorneys and kept for their records. The Lease Agreement can be used during any disputes between the parties.

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Hey YouTube I bring this video for all the guys wanting to check into lease purchasing a truck there's a few different types of leases they can do you can do at least purchase through a company that's usually what most people do and there's also you lease purchase through the dealers you know Volvo Freightliner NASCAR and so forth and there's a better lease than the net lease purchase is called a full maintenance lease, and I'll talk about that here in shortly at least purchase basically all the leases are tract leases they're really rentals when you really look at the definition of them, so you know a lot of guys will do three or five-year leases so let's say you do a five-year lease on one hundred and forty-five thousand dollar truck brand-new one depend on the company you're at if you do it through them and your credit you know a lot of people do it because then get it in for zero down or very little down you know a couple of thousand dollars and so depend on your credit you know your average payment it's probably going to be about a hundred a month on that truck that's what about your average, so that's thirty-two hundred a month now also in that figure you know you got adding your insurance like any other truck if you had one, but they are going to require you to have a maintenance account at most of these companies and with a new truck what they're going to do is either take a set fee per week you know a hundred twenty-five hundred fifty a week out, or they're going to charge it by the mile and use that new trucks it's between six and eight cents a mile and as the truck gets older you know as two or three years they will up it you know eight to ten cents and before your fifth year they're probably going to go to ten to twelve cents per mile for your maintenance because the older truck gets you know it's gonna cost more so now the lease full maintenance lease now this how this lease works I got mine through my dealership usually had to go through the dealership and get them and each dealer will have it set up differently depend on the dealer and a lot of them only deal with people that live in the county that their dealerships in because they want to be able to you know do all the maintenance or self if they can kind of cheaper for them than to do it on the road, so basically you know apples to apples now I got one hundred forty-five thousand our truck and if I would at least purchase through a company about eighteen hundred a month eight hundred a week or thirty-two hundred a month now full maintenance lease I'm getting this truck for twenty-one hundred a month and six cents a mile, so I do eight thousand miles a month, so it's 480 and 2125 eighty a month that's all I'm paying twenty-five eighty AC is cheaper you know I'm saving six hundred twenty dollars a month over the guy to the lease purchase, so that's a big savings and I don't have to worry about no maintenance you know they cover everything from the front to rear light bulbs...
What is vehicle equipment lease agreement?
A Vehicle Leasing Agreement is a contract made between a vehicle owner (lessor) and someone who pays the owner to have possession of the vehicle for a predetermined period (lessee). ... A Vehicle Leasing Agreement is commonly used with new and previously-owned cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
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